Questions to ask before van life. 

Living in a van is an adventure, a drastic change of pace, and a cost-effective opportunity to travel more, explore your surroundings, and get closer to nature. Those that live in vans make it look easy, but for those who don’t own a camper van yet, the procedure might be confusing! So, what are the most often asked questions about van life? What, more importantly, are the solutions?

First and foremost, how much does van life cost?

This topic has too many variables to answer simply because everyone’s budget is different, but after the initial expenditure of the base vehicle, van life may be as inexpensive as you want it to be. It all depends on how frugal you live in your van.

When it comes to purchasing the van, some individuals spend hundreds of dollars on brand new high-spec base vehicles, while others choose for older, less expensive vans with greater miles. Some people want to outfit their vans with all the latest technologies and mod cons, while others choose a more basic and functional house on wheels. Others buy ready-made conversions and on the road right immediately, making minor changes as they go. In actuality, you can spend a little or a lot to have your van just right for you. What matters most is that you are warm, healthy, happy, and satisfied with your circumstances. A basic, non-converted van will cost a few thousand dollars, while a brand-new sprinter will cost tens of thousands. Budget considerations should include insuring and taxing the car, as well as the necessary regular maintenance to keep it roadworthy.

Question 2: Where do you poop?

The answer to this age-old issue is largely dependent on the type of van life you intend to live and the destinations your van will take you. Some folks construct a self-contained residence complete with a bathroom cubicle and a portapotty. Others rely on external facilities such as public restrooms, while others bury their feces in the woods. If you’re stealth parking in a town or city, you’ll need a way to do your business in the van, and burying your trash isn’t an option. Most full-time van residents have a solution to this problem on board, which can range from a plastic-lined bucket to a camping-style portapotty or even a full flushing toilet! There are numerous applications available to locate public toilets in your area, and many vanners rely on them to compensate for the lack of their own.

Question 3: How do you shower?

Showering in a van is another typical topic that is rather simple to answer. There are numerous techniques to keep yourself clean in a van that do not require full-body bathing. Many vanners will utilize a basin and sponge bath after boiling a kettle. When the weather permits, some people bathe in rivers and lakes. Some people use the amenities at their local swimming pool, while others join a gym only to use the showers. Most countries have showers in service stations, on promenades, or near the beach. Those who choose to incorporate a shower into their designs will have to transport far more water on board; this fact may deter you from placing one in your rig to conserve space, weight, and overall mpg. Showering is not something you give up when you move into a van, but it may become less frequent as water becomes more valuable!

Question 4: How do you manage day-to-day living in such a small space?

Living in such a small place can be difficult at first, and like with any procedure, it takes some getting used to. When you share such a small area with your partner or family, any cracks in your connection can be exposed. Organizing when you have too much stuff around you can be challenging and often daunting. It takes time to develop the habit of putting everything away after each usage, and knowing the tactics to help you communicate better with your van dwelling companion is critical to ensuring you are both happy and in good spirits. Living in a van can lead to minimalism, which means carrying only what you need, freeing up space and giving you more time to enjoy your ever-changing surroundings. Many van lifers believe that as long as you can travel and see new places, living in a limited space doesn’t matter; the entire world becomes your backyard!

Question 5: How do you make a living while traveling?

This has to be the most googled van life question ever! Earning money when traveling is a major worry for folks who are accustomed to working static jobs in static locations. In reality, there are numerous occupations available while traveling, and hundreds of van lifers are currently working and traveling as digital nomads. Work online for your current employer, take on temp jobs such as bartending or seasonal employment such as campground wardens, upskill to careers such as web services to virtual assistants, learn to create content, become a copywriter, or develop your own brand. Because you live on the road, your expenses are nearly always lower than they were before, and some vanners just require part-time paid jobs to get by.