Livinging Vanlife 

Choosing to live in a van means committing to an adventurous lifestyle. Swapping out the humdrum routine for a life that is less conventional, stagnant, and repetitive. When you live in a van, no two days are ever the same. You wake up in a crazy place, go about your tasks with new perspectives, and arrange your day around wherever you are and whatever you choose to accomplish that day. Memories of modern annoyances such as deadlines, meetings, and spreadsheets fade, to be replaced by long slow walks in the countryside and comfortable nights snuggled up by a campfire. You rapidly realize that the ability to move about, save money, and live at your own pace is in fact priceless.

Of course, van life brings with it a whole new set of challenges, and it would be negligent not to discuss them. It’s not all Instagram and picturesque views. In a crowded metropolis, finding a park open for the night may be difficult. At times, it may appear that everything that can go wrong is going wrong. Consider replacing a leaking roof vent at 2 a.m. in a rainstorm versus breaking down a million miles away. Alternatively, an overflowing heater can deform the floors. Access to clean water may be limited for the first time in your life. Could you handle that? You may be too cold or too hot in your vehicle, or you may require modifications to create an electrical setup. Having a toilet or shower available becomes a luxury, and water is rationed by the cup. Even yet, van dwellers go to bed content, sometimes chilly, sometimes untidy, sometimes fatigued, but always satisfied. Faced with these daily problems, it is necessary to live IN life rather than A life. Van life can help you reset your priorities, discover what is truly important in life, and gain a sense of self sufficiency while also honing your problem-solving skills!

So, why do you want to live in a van?


Some people yearn for adventure. If you prefer being outside and being immersed in nature in all seasons, van life could be ideal for you. If you enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, mountaineering, surfing, or skiing, van living will give you with a self-contained dwelling on wheels. You can wake up at the trailhead or at the base of the mountain, or you can wake up, hoist your bike out of the garage, and get moving quickly. Building a van to fit you AND your equipment is a rewarding experience, and the possibilities for customizing your space are limitless. If you want to spend more time in the woods and less time on the daily grind, van living exposes you to all the elements while providing a safe, warm space to return to. A campervan can bring you closer to your interests and environment, from fishing to kite flying and birdwatching to beachcombing.

Some people choose the van life to save money on their largest monthly expense… rent. Rent is frequently too pricey to afford any degree of privacy, and spending the majority of your monthly paycheck on housing can be frustrating. The cost of basic utilities is rising. Worse, you may already be trapped in a soul-crushing debt cycle. The nicest aspect of van life is not having to pay rent or the accompanying costs of house living while retaining your privacy. It should be emphasized that debt-free living in a van is difficult to achieve without the initial investment of the van itself, as well as additional factors such as insurance, yearly roadworthiness tests, tax, license fees, and, of course, petrol. Living in a van can significantly lower your day-to-day expenses.

Travel¬† is another reason to buy a van: you’ll have more time to travel and explore new locations. Owning a campervan is like to having a mobile hotel room with all of the high-end amenities that you can take practically anywhere! Saving money on lodging means having more money to see the sights and see the locations you’ve always wanted to visit. When you travel slowly and thoroughly and explore in regions rather than following routes, van life becomes even more economical. If you work online, a van can serve as your mobile office, allowing you to travel full-time as a digital nomad. Winning!

What about the kids? Pets? Belongings?
Belongings are simple. You can sell or donate usable items and rid of the rest. Downsizing your entire life into a van can be a freeing experience and a terrific way to begin a newfound, less cluttered, less weighed-down way of life. Carrying simply what you need to live comfortably aids in maintaining attention on the journey and reducing distractions. If you have problems leaving with some memories, you can always store a suitcase full of trinkets in a family member’s attic for the future.

Many people bring their pets on camping vacations, and many full-time vanlifers live with a variety of animals, including cats and dogs, rats and frogs, lizards, parrots, and even bunnies! You know your pet better than anybody else, and they will decide whether or not they like vanning as much as their owner. Living in a van with a pet is not impossible if you make every effort to keep them secure and comfortable. Take the effort to design appropriate space, venting, and airflow for your animal pet.

Children can be even more daring than adults, and why not? They have nothing to lose! If you are planning a van conversion with your children, remember to engage them in conversations, especially about layout and sleeping arrangements, so they constantly feel involved. Allow children to decorate their own mobile corner of your home! Seek guidance and have any issues answered by families that are already effectively homeschooling on the road; there are many smart and well-versed resources accessible. Most youngsters enjoy new experiences, which van life delivers!

Still wondering if Van Life is for you?
Follow these four steps to see if van life is a faraway fantasy or a solid reality for you!

Step 1:

Determine what is holding you back. Determine the roadblocks that lie between you and your dream van life. Make a note of what is important to you, such as a large accessible restroom or a good-sized kitchen, as well as your thoughts and feelings about such a big change in your life. Make notes if you seek adventure but are hesitant or unsure where to begin. What is the source of your apprehension? Perhaps you have children and are concerned about their educational needs; perhaps you suffer from episodes of loneliness and are concerned about isolation. Once you realize what is genuinely holding you back, you can go to step 2…

Step 2:

Do your homework. We don’t mean endlessly browsing through the vanlife hashtag, however it is a good method to locate genuine nomads with comparable wants and conditions to you. Read as much as you can from others who have lived the lifestyle, browse blogs, and watch instructive videos. Learn the tactics, tips, and “how to-s” to empower yourself. If you have a question regarding any part of life in a van, chances are another vanner has had a similar experience and can assist you find a solution. You’ll have a plethora of information at your hands if you refine your searches with more specific questions. Which may take you to step 3…

Step 3:

Before you buy, give it a shot! Why not try out van living for yourself by renting a rig for a few days and heading off? There is no better way to absorb yourself than to dive in headfirst. Renting a van will undoubtedly indicate whether or not van life is for you. If renting is out of your price range, you may take a couple of road trips to see if you and the lifestyle are compatible in the long run. There will always be difficulties with life in a van, and the road ahead is not always lined with gorgeous selfies, as you will discover if you…

Step 4:

Make contact with the local community. Make contact with those who encourage you to live a nomadic lifestyle. Interact, ask questions, and make new friends. Follow the good and bad times to see all sides, and read how others overcame personal problems and concerns to venture into the unknown and begin their journey. Check out our articles, stories from vanlifers, and join in on our forum, which is a fantastic resource for vanlifers from all walks of life!

So, do you like the idea of spending more time in nature, exploring the countryside, and engaging in your hobbies while spending less money on rent, utilities, and expenses? Do you yearn for greater independence, more time to be creative, and more adventure? Van living could be the ideal lifestyle for you!