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Investment Opportunity

Adventure Family Van Builds offers a unique investment opportunity that stands at the crossroads of innovation and family adventure. More than a van-building company, we are committed to our core mission: to promote adventure and support families.

Adventure Family Van Builds is more than a van manufacturing company; it’s a pioneer in the adventure business. By securing an exclusive license from Rovit, we’ve positioned ourselves not just as creators of custom vans but as enablers of unforgettable family adventures. Our vans are the vessels, and Rovit’s software is our compass, guiding adventurers to experiences that enrich lives. We invite investors to join us not merely in a business but in a movement to redefine adventure, making it accessible and enjoyable for families everywhere.

    Camper vans of the future: $5M revenue with 27+ vehicles delivered Per year. $1.5 M in subscriptions and $21 M in Advertising  

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    "Adventure Itinerary: Navigating Family Journeys"

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    Owning a AFV Builds multipurpose vehicle is a smart alternative to buying three separate vehicles for family, work, and play. AFV Builds is the superhero of camper vans, hauling kids to and from soccer practice by day and road-tripping by night. It’s a cargo van for work during the week and living space for play on weekends; it’s an adventure van that doubles as a daily driver.

    Off the Grid Capabilities

     AFV Builds innovations let you go totally off-grid. Our massive, 10kwh battery gives you days of battery power and can run A/Cs and heaters for multiple days. Over 400 watts of solar power and Alternator power extend battery runtimes. Options like All Wheel Drive, built-in dual compressors, off-road tires and off-road lights let you get further from civilization and closer to nature.

    Our Story

    A Journey Born from Passion

    My adventure began in 2016 as a contract videographer for the Utah Office of Tourism. Tasked with showcasing Utah’s lesser-known attractions, I embarked on a journey that opened my eyes not only to the beauty hidden in every corner of Utah but also to the glaring need for a service that catered to families like mine. My wife, battling Rheumatoid Arthritis and managing Type 1 Diabetes, yearned to join me, despite the challenges posed by her health and our newborn baby. Inspired by her spirit and our shared love for adventure, we ventured into the unknown, leading to the birth of Adventure Family Van Builds—a company founded on the pillars of promoting adventure and supporting family.

    Our mission, “Promote Adventure, Support Family,” drove us to design vans that cater to the unique needs of families seeking off-grid adventures without sacrificing comfort. Each van is meticulously crafted, considering real, practical family needs, ensuring freedom and comfort even in the most remote locations.

    Simultaneously, recognizing the complex planning that goes into family adventures, I developed proprietary software—an all-encompassing trip planner and area guide. This tool simplifies the adventure planning process, offering families everything they need to know about an area’s attractions in one place. From self-drive itineraries to detailed guides on local sights, our software fosters a community of families eager to embrace the adventure lifestyle.

    Adventure Family Van Builds is more than a van building company; it represents a movement to inspire families to explore, bond, and grow together through adventure. With your support, we can expand our reach, enhance our offerings, and continue to revolutionize how families experience the world together. Join us on this journey to explore the unexplored, guided by our vans and united by our software, in the pursuit of unforgettable family adventures.

    Our Dual Mission: Promote Adventure, Support Family

    Adventure Family Van Builds combines custom off-grid vans with our platform, creating a unique adventure guide. This allows families to easily plan trips and join a community passionate about exploration. Our approach is simple: build vans that can cater to family needs and provide a seamless way to discover new adventures.

    The Software

    Adventure Family Van Builds: Pioneering the Adventure Business

    In the heart of every explorer beats the desire for adventure, for discovery, for the moments that become memories shared with loved ones. At Adventure Family Van Builds, we understand this intrinsic human need. That’s why we say, emphatically, we’re not just in the van building business; we’re in the adventure business. Our mission transcends the creation of custom vans; we’re here to unlock the world for adventurers, making the unreachable comfortably accessible.

    Our strategic maneuver, securing an exclusive license from Rovit, places us at the forefront of the adventure industry. This isn’t just about providing a means to travel; it’s about crafting the entire journey. Rovit’s cutting-edge software becomes our compass, guiding families to discoveries, experiences, and adventures that might otherwise remain hidden. It’s about transforming every trip into an unforgettable exploration, curated to the unique desires of each adventurer.

    Why Adventure Business?

    The essence of adventure lies not in the destination but in the journey. While our custom vans are the vessels, the soul of our service is in enabling these journeys. The exclusive license with Rovit amplifies our ability to deliver on this promise, providing a digital roadmap to adventure that complements the physical journey. It’s a synergy of purpose and technology, positioning Adventure Family Van Builds not as a mere provider but as a curator of family adventures.

    The Rovit Advantage

    Our partnership with Rovit is a game-changer. Their platform offers an unparalleled guide to the wonders each area holds, from hidden trails to breathtaking vistas, all accessible from the comfort of our custom vans. This isn’t just about travel; it’s about creating a narrative for each journey, making every adventure personalized and deeply fulfilling.

    Beyond Vans: A Vision for Adventure

    Our ambition stretches far beyond the confines of van manufacturing. We envision a world where families are united not just by blood but by shared experiences in the great outdoors. Our vans and the Rovit-powered journeys they enable are merely the first step towards realizing this vision. We’re crafting a new paradigm in the adventure sector, where the journey and the joys of discovery are accessible to all.

    Investing in Adventure Family Van Builds

    As we extend this invitation to investors, we’re not just asking you to fund a van company; we’re inviting you to become part of a movement that redefines adventure. Your investment fuels not only the growth of a pioneering company but also the expansion of a community where adventure is a shared language, spoken across generations.

    Together, with Adventure Family Van Builds and the technological prowess of Rovit, we’re set to navigate the uncharted territories of the adventure business. Join us in this journey, where every turn brings a new story, every path leads to discovery, and every adventure brings us closer.

    Through our platform, our revenue streams include:

    • Subscription Services give users access premium content and features.
    • Memberships give businesses access to enhanced visibility.
    • Targeted Advertising: Partnering with local businesses and attractions for tailored advertising.
    • Partnership Deals: Collaborations with adventure and travel-related companies.
    • Affiliate Marketing: Earnings from referrals to other online offerings.
    • Data Analytics: Monetizing insights from user behavior and preferences while fully preserving individual privacy.
    • Custom Itinerary Planning: Charging for personalized adventure planning services.

    These streams not only diversify our income but also enhance the value we offer to adventurers and families alike.

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    AFV Builds Executive Summary


    Executive Summary: Adventure Family Van Builds & Proprietary Software

    Adventure Family Van Builds is not just a van building company; it’s a comprehensive solution to promoting family adventures and supporting family bonding through travel. Our platform acts as a backbone to this vision, offering an unprecedented trip planning and area guide tool designed to simplify the adventure planning process. creating a synergy that not only caters to the physical needs of adventure but also fosters a community of families passionate about exploration.

    Mission: Our core mission is to Promote Adventure and Support Families. We achieve this by building custom vans designed for the unique demands of family life and off-grid exploration, and through our new software platform that enhances our reach and effectiveness in promoting family adventures.

    Unique Selling Proposition: What sets us apart is our dual approach: offering both the means to adventure comfortably with custom-built vans and the knowledge to embark on those adventures confidently with our comprehensive software. This positions us uniquely in the market, combining tangible products with invaluable experiences.

    Revenue Streams: Our business model incorporates multiple revenue streams, including custom van sales, OEM parts manufacturing, van rentals, and software subscriptions. The software introduces additional revenue through advertisements, business memberships, featured listings, and enhanced trip planning services.

    Growth Projections: Focusing initially on the Washington County area has already shown promising results. With the requested growth capital of $500,000, we project to expand statewide, significantly increasing our market reach and revenue. Over three years, we anticipate total revenue from both van sales and software services to exceed $21 million per year in just 3 years.

    Unique Family-Focused Approach:

    AFV Builds distinguishes itself by offering truly customized family designs. We understand that families have unique requirements for space, privacy, and amenities. Our design process starts with a detailed consultation to understand each family’s specific needs, followed by a custom design phase using Fusion 360. This approach allows families to virtually explore and fine-tune their van layout and features in a 3D environment, ensuring the final product is exactly what they envisioned, tailored to the dynamics and preferences of each family.

    Van Build Innovations and Efficiencies:

    • Customized Family Designs: Focusing on the needs of families, including sleeping arrangements, dining, storage, and entertainment, tailored for both children and adults.
    • Virtual Design Process: Leveraging Fusion 360 to offer a fully interactive design experience, allowing for precise customization and visualization before the build begins.
    • Advanced Manufacturing: Utilizing a CNC router and implementing efficient build processes that cut down production time significantly while enhancing quality.
    • Sustainability and Safety: Prioritizing electric components over propane for environmental sustainability and increased safety for families.

    Investment Opportunity: We invite investors to join us in this journey of expansion and innovation. Your investment will not only fuel the growth of a unique company but also support a mission that resonates deeply with families across the nation. Together, we can revolutionize how families explore and bond, turning every adventure into a cherished memory.

    To achieve our growth objectives and meet the rising demand for family adventure vans, AFV Builds is seeking $500k in growth capital. This funding will enable us to scale our production capabilities, enhance our custom design processes, expand our product offerings, and grow our rental fleet into new markets. With $150k of previous funding already secured, this additional investment will be pivotal in reaching our target of building 27 custom family vans per year, launch a dedicated line of family-friendly van accessories and implement the statewide area guide and trip planning software.

    Return on Investment Section

    Investment Opportunity

    Investors are presented with a unique opportunity to acquire equity in Adventure Family Van Builds (AFV Builds), not merely purchasing stock but becoming integral partners in our journey of growth and innovation. As we seek investment to expand our operations and enter new markets, we emphasize the potential for significant returns through the appreciation of the company’s value. Our approach is designed to attract individuals who are not just investors but also believe in our mission and vision for transforming family travel.

    Equity and Growth

    By offering equity in the company, we invite our investors to grow alongside us, benefiting directly from the increase in the company’s overall valuation. Our business model, Promoting Adventure Supporting Families, positions us uniquely in a rapidly expanding market. This focus, combined with our Proprietary Software license and  innovative design and manufacturing processes, underpins our confidence in the continued growth of AFV Builds.

    Exit Strategies

    Understanding the importance of liquidity for our investors, AFV Builds has tailored exit strategies that allow investors to sell their equity at a time of their choosing. This flexibility ensures that as the company grows and the value of its equity increases, investors have the opportunity to realize their returns without being bound by a fixed timeline:

    1. Direct Sale of Equity: Investors can choose to sell their equity back to the company or to third parties, facilitating a personal exit strategy that aligns with their financial goals.
    2. Acquisition or Merger: Should AFV Builds be acquired by or merge with another entity, investors will have the opportunity to sell their equity as part of the transaction, potentially realizing a significant return on investment.
    3. Organic Growth and Valuation Increase: As AFV Builds continues to expand and increase its market presence, the intrinsic value of the company—and consequently, the equity held by investors—is expected to rise, providing an attractive return on investment through the natural appreciation of equity value.

    Projected Growth and Valuation

    Our software platform isn’t just a tool; it’s a game-changer in the adventure travel industry. It opens up new revenue streams beyond van builds by offering an all-in-one trip planner, area guide, and an online community. This platform attracts a wider audience, from adventure seekers to those planning their journey, creating opportunities for targeted advertising, subscription services, and partnership deals with local businesses.

    By investing in us, you’re tapping into the rapidly growing market of adventure travel and digital planning tools. Our platform positions us uniquely, ready to capture and monetize the increasing demand for curated travel experiences and family adventures. Join us as we redefine the adventure landscape and unlock new potential for growth and profitability.

    Through our online platform, our revenue streams include:

    • Subscription Services: Users access premium content and features.
    • Targeted Advertising: Partnering with local businesses and attractions for tailored advertising.
    • Partnership Deals: Collaborations with adventure and travel-related companies.
    • Affiliate Marketing: Earnings from referrals to booking sites and gear retailers.
    • Data Analytics: Monetizing insights from user behavior and preferences.
    • Custom Itinerary Planning: Charging for personalized adventure planning services.
    • Membership Fees: Exclusive benefits for members, enhancing their adventure experience.

    These streams not only diversify our income but also enhance the value we offer to adventurers and families alike.

    For an investor considering the Washington County area only , here’s a concise projection:

    • Year 1: Launch phase, focus on user acquisition and partnerships. Expected revenue: $100,000.
    • Year 2: Growth in subscriptions and advertising, introduction of premium services. Expected revenue: $250,000.
    • Year 3: Expansion of services, solidifying partnerships, and leveraging data analytics for targeted marketing. Expected revenue: $500,000.
    • ROI: Projected to break even towards the end of Year 2, with significant profit margins by Year 3.

    This investment offers a strategic entry into a niche market with high growth potential, centered around a community-driven, adventure-focused platform.

    For an investor focusing on the state of Utah as a whole, here’s a streamlined projection:

    • Year 1: Setting the foundation, user acquisition across Utah, enhancing software features. Expected revenue: $2,000,000.
    • Year 2: Expanding reach, solidifying brand presence, and diversifying revenue streams. Expected revenue: $7,250,000.
    • Year 3: Statewide expansion, optimization of revenue channels, significant market penetration. Expected revenue: $21,000,000.
    • ROI: Anticipated break-even point by mid-Year 2, with substantial profit growth in Year 3, capitalizing on Utah’s rich adventure landscape.

    This strategy leverages Utah’s diverse adventure opportunities, aiming for rapid growth and a broadened user base, ensuring a compelling return on investment.


    Adventure Family Van Builds is more than a van building company. Founded from personal experience, we create custom vans for family adventures. Every van is designed with practical family needs in mind, ensuring comfort and functionality off-grid.

    Our unique approach includes proprietary software, enhancing trip planning and fostering a community of adventurous families. Investing in us means supporting a mission-driven growth, expanding our reach, and promoting family exploration. Join us in empowering more families to discover the world together

    Invest in AFV Builds Today!

    AFV Builds is gearing up to significantly scale our operations, with plans to build 57 custom adventure vans per year. As we anticipate the economy’s recovery in the coming months, we’re taking proactive steps to initiate this expansion now. Experience from previous economic cycles suggests that while market recoveries can be unpredictable, a resurgence in economic activity is a strong possibility, setting the stage for the United States to emerge more robust than ever.

    Looking forward, AFV Builds is poised for a period of unprecedented production and revenue growth, alongside the advancement of new and innovative R&D projects. Economic fluctuations are a reality of our world, but with our solid foundation in revenue generation and remarkable R&D achievements, AFV Builds is in an excellent position to leverage these opportunities. As others might pull back, we’re ready to accelerate, embracing the potential for rapid growth as the economy rebounds.

    We invite you to embark on this exciting venture with us. By investing in AFV Builds, you’re not just funding the production of more vans; you’re supporting innovation in the adventure travel sector and becoming part of a community that values growth, resilience, and the spirit of adventure. Join us as we prepare to surge ahead, navigating the road to recovery with optimism and determination. Invest in AFV Builds today and be part of our journey to redefine van life for families everywhere.