Doing laundry…

…while living the van life requires creativity unless you work with Adventure Family Van Builds… They could just install a washer dryer combo… But if that is not your cup o tea try this…

Traditional laundry facilities may not always be readily available on the road. However, there are several practical methods to keep your clothes clean and fresh during your van life adventures. Here’s how to do laundry while living the van life:

  1. Laundromats and Campgrounds:

    • Seek out laundromats in towns and cities you visit. Many laundromats offer coin-operated washers and dryers where you can do your laundry.
    • Some campgrounds and RV parks also provide laundry facilities for their guests, making it convenient to do laundry during your stay.
  2. Portable Washing Machines:

    • Invest in a portable, hand-cranked, or electric washing machine designed for camping and van life. These machines are small, lightweight, and can be operated manually or using a small amount of water and detergent.
    • Portable washing machines are ideal for small loads and are a cost-effective option for frequent travelers.
  3. Bucket or Sink Washing:

    • For small loads or spot cleaning, you can use a large bucket or sink to wash your clothes manually. Fill the container with water and detergent, agitate the clothes, and rinse thoroughly.
    • This method requires minimal water and can be done outdoors.
  4. Clotheslines and Drying Racks:

    • Invest in a portable clothesline or drying rack that can be set up outside your van. Hang your clothes to dry in the fresh air and sunlight.
    • This eco-friendly method saves energy and keeps your clothes smelling fresh.
  5. Biodegradable Laundry Detergent:

    • Choose biodegradable laundry detergent to minimize your environmental impact while doing laundry outdoors.
    • Ensure you follow Leave No Trace principles and dispose of wastewater responsibly.
  6. Pack Light and Wear Quick-Drying Fabrics:

    • Packing light reduces the amount of laundry you need to do. Opt for quick-drying fabrics that can be washed and dried easily, reducing the waiting time for clean clothes.
  7. Use Wash Bags:

    • Wash bags, like Guppyfriend, are designed to capture microfibers and prevent them from entering water sources. They are particularly useful for washing synthetic clothing items.
  8. Plan Laundry Days Strategically:

    • Keep track of when you’ll be near laundry facilities or campgrounds with laundry services and plan your laundry days accordingly.
    • Alternatively, plan your travel route to ensure you have access to laundry facilities at regular intervals.

By incorporating these methods into your van life routine, you can effectively manage your laundry needs while enjoying the freedom and adventures of life on the road. Remember to adapt to different situations and be open to new laundry solutions as you explore new destinations.