Our Process 

Know Your Options. Scroll Down to Start. 

Step one

Choosing how you will use your van is the very first step in this adventure. Whether you want an epic off-the-grid machine or something to make your weekends a little more pleasant, most people fall somewhere in the middle.


Therefore, take some time to consider how you plan to use this rig. Remember: less is more!



    Mercedes-Benz Sprinter in St. George, UT

    Step two

    Choose the platform. Which size of van you’d like to have. 


    – Mercedes Sprinter 170 Extended

    – Mercedes Sprinter 170 

    – Mercedes Sprinter 144

    Step three

    Decide on the necessities. Which aspects are essential to you, and which elements could you live without? This covers the quantity of beds and seatbelts you’ll need, as well as the power needs, extras, and everything else.



      Step four

      1. Budget. It starts to get serious at this point. The foundation is your vehicle, therefore it’s time to consider how much you’re willing to spend on the conversion. The best value for your money can be found in our basic conversions; keep in mind, though, that custom conversions can soon become expensive.

      Step five

      • Time to set up a meeting! The link below will take you to a calendar where you can book a time to chat with us.



        Step six

        Let’s get down to business, then.


        We’ll go through every feature you’ll have as well as a few things you might not have known about. This process may require some back and forth, but it’s how we create the ideal van conversion for you!


        At this point, we will require a $2,500.00 or $5,000.00 deposit to reserve your seat for a basic build. The following is the payment schedule:


        50% when you drop off the van

        – 25% midway through

        – The remaining balance when the van is delivered

        Step seven

        • GO TIME!

          We will be sharing updates and progress with you as your build comes to life.



          Step eight



          The happiest day of a van owner’s life! 


          We will do a full walkthrough and answer any questions you might have to get you on the road!