Van life

has just gone viral on the internet. With its quick rise in popularity, many devotees have begun to doubt this way of life and ponder what it entails. Simply described, van life is an alternative lifestyle adopted by many nomads seeking to live a simple living while traveling the world with freedom and convenience. However, there’s a lot more to it than meets the eye.

We’ll go over all you need to know about van living today…

Vocabulary and Terminology
While exploring the neighborhood, it’s a good idea to become acquainted with the following words and phrases:

The lifestyle of living in a modified vehicle. As the name implies, it is mostly used for vans. However, the phrase can refer to a wide range of modified vehicles.

Vandweller(s) – a term used to describe a person who lives part-time or full-time in a variety of adapted vehicles such as vans, RVs, buses, trucks, and so on.

Part-time vandals – live on the road only on weekends and holidays, while maintaining your existing address.

Full-time vandals are those who spend their entire lives on the road and never return home.

Nomad(s) – a person who frequently moves from place to place with no fixed domicile.

Wanderlust is defined as a strong urge or inclination to travel and discover the world.

A vagabond is someone who travels frequently and has no fixed address.

Conversion – the process of converting a regular vehicle into a mobile home.

“Home is where you park it,” as the phrase goes in the neighborhood.

Hippie – a person who has abandoned traditional (normal) ways of life.

A vandweller’s abode is described as a “home on wheels.”

The Background
Living in a mobile home has been popular since the 1960s. Hippies who began living out of their vehicles popularized it. Although it is generally looked down upon, this type of lifestyle is gradually becoming the standard. This historical ritual has recently made a tremendous comeback thanks to millennials.

Social media has recently gone crazy over van life. Especially on Instagram, where searching #vanlife yields over 3 million posts (at the time of writing this piece). This figure is only expected to rise rapidly.

Many vanlifers use Instagram to capture their whole adventures, making it the most popular social network for vanlifers. While YouTube and Facebook are catching up, Instagram is unquestionably the best place to discover inspiration.

With its growing popularity, many vandals have been offered (or even taken) the opportunity to be sponsored or interviewed by major companies and businesses.

This wandering existence is no longer encumbered with outdated stereotypes, which are gradually dissolving.

A Van Lifer’s Way of Life
A van lifer’s lifestyle differs substantially from that of the average individual. As a van lifer, you go to bed at night not knowing what the next day may bring. In this section, we’ll look at what it’s like to live as a van lifer.
photograph by @old.jeppi

Many individuals may only dream of the freedom that van life provides. It allows you to take charge and live your life as your own boss, doing the things you enjoy most without having to cope with a demanding profession, exorbitant bills, and constant stress.

You may accomplish your aspirations and desires while touring the world stress-free, conveniently, and comfortably.

Living the American Dream
You only have one life, but if you live it well, one life is plenty – Mae West

The van life allows you to do whatever you want, whenever you want, and however you want. You no longer have to suffer the agony of worrying about daily demanding activities. As a vandal, your only limitation is your imagination.

Van life will continually motivate you to pursue your dreams. You will be inspired by:

having the ability to tour the world.
Without the same old, dull routine, each day brings new excitement.
doing what you enjoy.
Make your own schedule.
having your own business.
Creating a lifestyle that is in line with your desires.
Having the best views.
having a flexible lifestyle.
You are doing it for yourself, not for someone else.
relying on yourself to make the greatest decisions.
image courtesy @repoweredram
Most significantly, living in a van allows you to take charge of your life and enjoy it to the utmost.

Many of your major difficulties, particularly financial concerns, can be eliminated by living a simple lifestyle. The less possessions you have, the less you must account for.

April Peerless says, “Collect moments, not things.”

According to studies, a minimalist lifestyle can lower blood pressure, reduce the risk of illnesses, migraines, and headaches, and improve general health. Often, a simple way of living is not only attractive, but also vital. Many van lifers claim it was difficult at first to get rid of everything. However, it was well worth it in the end to live a simpler life.

Among the several advantages of living simply are:

improved health
more money
There will be less commitments, obligations, and stress, as well as a lot more flexibility.
Living simply means: for van lifers:

not having many of the amenities that others have.
avoiding unneeded purchases.
Being resourceful is a quality.
being inventive – making things function even when they don’t appear to.
live in a little apartment.
Living with less possessions.
consuming simple foods.

Financial Independence
In most circumstances, a traditional lifestyle looks like this:

Go to class.
Become indebted to the tune of thousands of dollars.
Spend years doing tasks you despise while giving up your independence.
Wait with bated breath until you can finally retire.
As an elderly retiree, you should live on a tight budget.
We must all examine our lifestyles and determine whether they are in line with our aims and desires. Because what’s the point if it doesn’t?

You were not born to pay your bills and die – unknown

I’m sure many of us can agree that this is not how we want to live in the future.

Living in a van helps you to be financially independent in the following ways:

getting rid of a lot of bills
avoiding your dull 9-5 job by working from home, love what you do, and contributing to a savings account
Money is a requirement. However, it is critical to remember that money does not make you wealthy. Everyone’s notion of rich differs depending on their particular interests. Many van lifers practice and encourage this type of mindset.

You don’t have to be an entrepreneur or a trust fund baby to live the life you want.

The van life is shocking, fascinating, and unpredictable. Every day, you wake up with a new perspective beyond your front door. You have no idea what obstacles or adventures await you the next morning. Every day is unique, which adds to the intrigue and excitement.

To learn more about van lifers, visit our story library, where nomads relate their path to a nomadic lifestyle.

You will encounter the following while living in a van:

events that are surprising and fascinating
an unpredictability in ordinary life-altering events
nature, up close and personal, and being a part of a very passionate and loving community adventures
excitement simplicity difficulties
Nothing worthwhile comes easily.

The daily hardships of van life are frequently the things we take for granted in our regular lives. The problems you confront while living the van life will define the overall outcome of your road trip.

The following are some of the difficulties of living in a van:

dealing with the law and the police
attempting not to annoy people
Camping in stealth, without drawing too much attention, limited space, maintaining organized, and monitoring safety problems (auto accidents, health, privacy, and so on…).
keeping your vehicle in good condition
financial administration
Van life is not as glamourous as you believe. Check out ‘Van Life Behind The Scenes, What No One Is Telling You’ for additional information.

Is Van Life Right for Me?
The fact that you’ve taken the time to read my blog indicates that you have ambition. The next thing you should ask yourself is, “What’s holding you back?” Perhaps it’s a combination of factors such as money, family, budget, fear, and so on…

Here are some things to consider while considering the van life. These can assist you in better understanding your position and determining whether pushing forward with van life is the best option for you.

Following these four steps can help you answer the question, ‘Is van life for me?’
Determine what is holding you back and optimize for solutions. The easiest method to find answers is to start by making a list of all the roadblocks in your path. Then, simply seek answers to each of those issues. Keep in mind that this will not be completed in a single day (in most circumstances), but you will uncover appropriate solutions over time.
Do your homework! After all, this is a major decision that will have far-reaching consequences for the rest of your life. Looking at images on Instagram will not get you anywhere. Begin by looking for useful materials, many of which are available for free on our website. Begin here: Blogs, forums, stories from fellow van lifers, and so on…
Come see what it’s like to live in a van. The first thing you do when looking to buy or rent a house is go look at it. You’ll have to do something similar for van life as well. Come see what this way of life is all about. Perhaps you might consider hiring a campervan for the weekend (which you can do on our marketplace). If hiring a car is out of the question, consider a weekend road trip to see if it’s something you can do on a regular basis.
Begin interacting with the community. Pose questions and connect with actual van lifers who are already doing it. Learning from someone with expertise is the best way to learn. The best place to start is by reading van lifers’ tales, visiting our Forum, or joining our Facebook group.
Alternative Living Vehicles
Although van life is the most common, nomads may increasingly be found living in a variety of vehicles. Choosing the perfect car for your lifestyle and situation is a vast subject that will be thoroughly discussed in a future blog. For the time being, here are some of the various vehicles used by nomads:

vans, recreational vehicles, cars, buses, trucks, military vehicles, and any other vehicle large enough to live in.

Frequently Asked Questions
If you have any questions that have not been answered below, please post them in our community forum.

How can you make money while living in a van?

There are numerous options, including seasonal jobs, part-time jobs, online enterprises, and working your existing job while traveling. The best thing to do is to try to find a job that you enjoy and that can support your lifestyle.

If you’re having difficulties deciding, create a subject on our forum and the community will do their best to assist you and provide suggestions.

How does one go about converting a car into a mobile home?

This is a large topic that will be thoroughly discussed in a future blog post.

For the time being, you can post any specific questions you have in our forum.

Before you begin your build, consider the following:

Design and Layout of a Plan
The ceiling and the walls
Solar and electric
Plumbing and water supply
How do you maintain hygiene while traveling?


Having a gym membership. Many gyms are available around the country, so this will not conflict with travel plans.
Having a mobile shower integrated into your home. This might be done on the go, either outside or inside the vehicle.
Bathing in bodies of water (rivers, lakes, and so on…)
Using the restroom

Memberships to gyms
Built-in restrooms
Toilets in public places
Toilets on wheels
What is the cost of converting a truck into a living home?

This varies greatly based on your budget, preferences, and way of life. It’s the equivalent of asking how much it will cost to repair a house. If you are short on funds, the best thing to do is to plan out every part of your build, including the pricing of every materials. This will assist you in developing a suitable budget.

Summary of the Benefits of Van Life Freedom in Almost All Aspects
appreciation – not taking things for granted cost effectiveness
control of your life as your own boss roaming the world with your house wherever you go constant inspiration living a fresh routine every day
legal issues due to limited space
getting started (cost, planning, construction, labor, etc…)
feeling lonely from time to time (in some circumstances)
taking chances
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