Interior Upgrades

Looking to maximize your square footage? Add popular upgrades like flares, tables, storage benches, and more.

Pop-Top popular

Bring the whole family along and leave the tent at home! This beautiful pop top adds a second bedroom to the van and offers an elevated view of wherever you park. This is a much better option than bunk beds as the sleeping area is far more spacious and it frees up more space inside the van to bring all your favorite camping gear. Painted to match y

Electrical System

Upgrade your systems with extra power or accessories, like a WeBoost cell phone booster or in-van projector.

Heating, Cooling, and Water

Choose from popular upgrades like A/C units, hot water heaters, and fans.

Diesel Heater popular

View specific features by clicking "see options."

Gear Storage

Keep gear up and out of the way with cubbies, racks, track systems, and more.


VersaTrack can be run across the walls of your van to offer endless amounts of attachments to hang all of your items. To prevent all of the items under your bed from moving around, install VersaTrack runs into the garage. VersaTrack has endless amounts of versatility to keep your equipment tied down.

Customize (EXCL. TAX)

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