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Recreational Vans in Utah

Everything You Need to Know About Recreation Vans

Custom recreational vans, often referred to as campervans or conversion vans, are vehicles that have been modified or customized to be mobile living spaces for recreational activities. These vans are designed to provide a comfortable and functional environment for travel, camping, and other outdoor adventures. Customizations can include sleeping areas, kitchenettes, storage, and other amenities that make them perfect for extended trips. To create your own recreational van, get in touch with us at Adventure Family Van Builds in St. George, UT!


Recreational Vans: The Basics

Recreational vans are designed to cater to specific preferences and travel needs. The common types of recreational vans encompass a wide spectrum, ranging from compact camper vans that prioritize mobility to larger, more luxurious Class A motorhomes. Whether you seek compact efficiency or spacious luxury, the world of recreation vans offers an abundance of options, including:


  • Class A Motorhomes: Large, luxurious motorhomes often resembling buses.
  • Class B Motorhomes (Campervans): Smaller, more compact vans converted into living spaces.
  • Class C Motorhomes: Mid-sized motorhomes with a distinctive cab-over bunk.
  • Travel Trailers: Towed behind a vehicle, offering flexibility in terms of the towing vehicle.
  • Fifth Wheel Trailers: Towable trailers with a bi-level design requiring a specialized hitch.

    Features of Recreational Vans

    The features of recreational vans are influenced by both the specific type of van and the degree of customization. Typical features encompass essentials like sleeping quarters, kitchen facilities, and bathrooms. Depending on the customization, additional amenities may include solar power systems, advanced entertainment setups, and innovative storage solutions. Features for recreational vans can vary depending on the type and customization, but typical features include:


    • Sleeping Quarters – Bed or convertible sleeping space.
    • Kitchenette – Cooking facilities, sometimes with a stove, sink, and refrigerator.
    • Bathroom – Toilet and shower facilities.
    • Storage – Ample storage for belongings and equipment.
    • Dining Area – Space for eating and socializing.
    • Power Sources – Electrical systems, often with batteries or generators.
    • Entertainment Systems – TV, audio, and connectivity options.

    Benefits of Recreational Vans

    Owning a recreational van offers many advantages. With travel flexibility as a key highlight, you can explore diverse destinations on your own terms. The potential for cost savings further sweetens the deal, as you may find yourself cutting expenses on accommodation and dining. The comfort of having your own space while on the road is unparalleled, creating a home-away-from-home atmosphere. Additionally, the allure of adventure beckons, allowing you to access remote or off-the-beaten-path locations for a truly immersive journey.

    On the other hand, if renting a recreational van aligns more with your preferences, this option carries its own set of compelling advantages. Emphasizing cost effectiveness, renting proves to be a financially savvy choice, particularly for those who engage in occasional use. The allure of variety adds another layer of appeal, offering the freedom to choose different types of vans tailored to the specific requirements of each trip. Opting for a rental is also a maintenance-free endeavor, alleviating concerns about storage or upkeep during periods of non-use.

    Whether you choose ownership or rental, the recreational van lifestyle is a gateway to unparalleled travel possibilities!


    Custom Recreational Van in Utah

    What Sets Adventure Family Van Builds Apart

    Adventure Family Van Builds offers outdoor adventures for families, no matter if they are looking to buy or rent. We do things differently and are passionate about getting more families on the road. Here are a few examples of what sets us apart:

    • Our Passion – Our company is driven by personal challenges and the quest for a vehicle that offers ample space while also serving as a home base for family travel. The realization that other families shared this need led to the inception of our business.
    • Our Expertise – At Adventure Family Van Builds, we specialize in van construction. Our team of experts utilizes only the finest methods and materials for both pre-built options and custom campervan projects.
    • Our Offerings – Whether you’re in the market for a custom campervan buildout or seeking recreational vans for rent, Adventure Family Van Builds has you covered. Whatever type of outdoor van adventure your family desires, we’re here to help!

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