Camper Van Buildouts in St. George, UT

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Welcome to Adventure Family Van Builds: Where Van Adventures Begin

Families searching for their next travel adventure, look no further! At Adventure Family Van Builds, we take your dreams of traveling across the country in a build-out van and make them a reality. We offer a start-to-finish process that takes all your wants and needs for a campervan and turns them into a custom-built van ready for travel. This process is the ultimate van buildout experience, with customizations available for exterior and interior. Discover the ultimate van buildout experience in St. George, UT, and contact us today to get started!

What Makes Adventure Family Van Builds Different

Adventure Family Van Builds offers more than just a standard Sprinter van buildout. At Adventure Family Van Builds, we are expert van builders, and we utilize the best methods and materials for our pre-builds and custom campervan build-outs. Inspired by our own personal challenges in creating the perfect campervan, our business was born to help other families with the same needs. We have an extensive inventory and an interactive process for a camper van buildout so families can create the van of their dreams with customized interiors and exteriors.

First…Choose Your Van




V4 & V6








V4 & V6








V4 & V6






Customize your Outside Experience .

We highly recommend:

  1. Tent Pop up ( You will love it) 
  2. 4×4 or AWD ( Can’t go wrong here) 
  3. Star link Internet ( So awesome!) 
  4. Bigger Tires (go big or go home)
  5. Sliding windows ( MUST HAVE)  


Customize your Inside Amenities

We Highly recommend:

  1. More windows ( Makes it feel big)
  2. Permanent bed with Comfy mattress 
  3. Garage space 
  4. Lots of Over head Storage 
  5. Freezer and Fridge Combo




Schedule a 

15 min 


Let’s build out your van in 3D Together:

  1.  It’s a Free Consultation 
  2. Choose a day that works for you
  3. We will provide Itemized lists 
  4. We will answer all your questions
  5. Click on the Calendly Link to get started 

Don’t Have a Van Yet?

No Problem!

We have a surplus of Cargo Vans ready to build. All 4×4.

We have: 

  • 144 High roof 
  • 170 High roof 
  • 170 Extended High roof 



    Guess What?

    We offer Financing 

    Get Financing for both Build and Van:

    1.  Up to 20 Year loan
    2.  Really good rate
    3.  Click on the link below to start the application

    Must have:

    The Pop Top

    We’ve Partnered with the best in the industry! Colorado Camper! We install their pop tops on all our vans. Pop Tops create a roomy and pleasant sleeping area above your van.  Our beds are the largest available – most beds are 48″ x 80″*. The upper sleeping berth is accessed from the interior of the van through a 44” x 35” opening* – no need to be exposed to the elements on your way to bed.  We finish the pop top interior with deluxe liner material, and our 3” foam bed pads are covered with soft, durable fabric.

    Six dimmable LED lights illuminate the sleeping area with a warm glow, and are operated via a remote control and wall mounted dimmer switch.   A dual USB port at the head of your bed allows for charging phones and tablets while you sleep.

    Our dual lift system is the most robust in the industry, and operates via both remote and wall mounted safety switch.

    Feel free to add a roof rack to our multi-layer, wood reinforced fiberglass top, because it is strong enough to handle the gear you’ll need while adventuring.

    Rest soundly knowing the sleeping berth is surrounded by our multi-layer, 3-season tent material, and use the six windows to meet your needs.  Each window has three zip down panels:  first is a weather tight/black out layer, next a crystal clear vinyl window, then a screen (and even that can zip out for unrestricted photo shoots).



      Need more information… Keep scolling

      Custom Options


      Why is it that the meals made in the great outdoors always taste…greater? Well they do, especially with a kitchen as well-equipped as you can get in one of our adventure vans. Cooking food, storing food, and cleaning up are a cinch with these options.

      Available kitchen options:

      • Sink
      • Galley kitchen
      • Refrigerator
      • Overhead microwave
      • Induction cooktop



      We handcraft all the cabinetry that goes into your van. Yep, we've got our own woodworking team that builds long-lasting cabinets that fit your van's layout and your preferences. Your cabinets feature strong, attractive materials that stand up to all sorts of rigorous adventures.

      Available cabinetry options:

      • Overhead cabinetry
      • Exoskeleton cabinet
      • Overhead cab shelf


      Take a load off, would ya? When you're back from -- anywhere -- you need a comfy place to sit. So we can provide multiple options for sitting and eating, or just sitting, including DOT-approved travel options.

      Available seating options:

      • Dinette
      • Captain’s chair (travel-approved)


      Before you can enjoy tomorrow, you gotta rest up from today. We provide heavy-duty sleeping systems with stackable and removable panels. Plus, we can customize how soft or firm your mattress is. Ahhh…

      Available sleeping options:

      • Bunk beds
      • 2 panel bed
      • 3 panel bed
      • Altitude bed
      • Extra sleeping areas


      When nature calls, well, you know. And to prepare you for that eventuality (probably sooner than later), our vans have several bathroom options to choose from. No black water tank needed.

      Available bathroom options:

      • Fully enclosed shower
      • Removable shower pan
      • Exterior shower
      • Portable toilet


      You want to take in the views while you're on the road or at the campsite. You might even need to roll down a window or two for some fresh air. Because we totally get that, we can customize your windows as follows.

      Available window options:

      • T-vent
      • 10”X 33” / 10″ X 40″ slider
      • Awning
      • Fixed
      • Rear Door



      Big Brown Wooden Texture Van Foundation in St. George, UT

      stand by our high standards with every package, and it all begins with a rock-solid foundation. Every nook and cranny of your build is bolstered by your vehicle's structure. Behind the walls, our infrastructure is adapted to match the individuality of your build. But that's not all – our insulation not only helps regulate temperature, but also dampens noise to create a serene ride and soothing sleep. These foundational features ensure your van lasts and performs for many years -- and even more vacations.


      Your adventure van comes with full paneling on the walls and ceilings, plus the factory headliner. Each panel includes closed-cell acoustic foam with an interwoven fabric, so you can be sure your walls hold up to what your trips dish out. Pick the fabric color that suits you, but know this -- the quality doesn't vary. Upgrades like Sileather are available at your request, too.


      Our flooring and wheel tub boxes are constructed of 3/4" plywood and wrapped in the finish flooring material you choose. Pick from a great selection of marine-grade vinyl for incredible durability, in a number of style and color options.


      Nothing relaxes you like a dark sky, but nothing darkens your mood like stubbing your toe. That's why your adventure van's ceiling features 6 or more LED lights, flush-mounted (you don't want to bonk your head either, do you?). But they're also dimmable -- so you can see what you're doing and still see the stars.


      More power means more fun, but who wants to lug a generator around? We don't, and we're guessing you don't either. That's why our team will build an efficient, incredibly useful power package right into your van. Go ahead, go off-grid. You'll have plenty to keep your fridge, cooktop, A/C, microwave, and more powered up.

      Available power options:

      • Lithium-ion batteries
      • Secondary high-amp alternator
      • 110v, USB-C, and 12V outlets
      • Rooftop solar panels
      • Magnum inverter


      Let's face it. You're all gonna need a shower. Good thing every adventure van comes with a water system for on-demand fresh water anywhere. From a 15-30 gallon water tank, to an efficient electric pump and carbon water filtration, you can both clean up and drink up. And your external water filling port makes filling up easy, too. You can even add an optional gray water tank.


      Don't limit yourself to summer trips. Your adventure van comes equipped with a toasty warm heating system to keep you comfy even when it's nasty out there. Even your winter overnighters will find you cozy and safe after slaying the slopes. Our diesel heating options generate thousands of BTUs using minimal fuel from your tank (they run on auxiliary power). And your system is easy to adjust to your comfort level.

      Available heating options:

      • Cabin heat
      • Cabin and water heat
      • Radiant floor heating


      We're obviously not stuffy, and we don't want you to be either. That's why we include plenty of cool (see what we did there?) options for keeping you comfortable when the mercury rises.

      Available cooling options:

      • MaxxAir roof vent fans
      • 12V aftermarket air conditioner


      You won't spend all your time outside, especially at night. So we include interior lighting just in the right places to help you get dressed, cook, read, and get into your gear at any hour.

      Available lighting options:

      • LED under cabinet lights
      • LED slider door light
      • LED gear lights
      • LED load lights
      • Custom lighting

      Soft Goods

      We said we'd provide all the comforts of home, in your home away from home. Well, we're out to prove it with high-quality comfort options that go with you for the long haul. Our upholstery experts use Sunbrella fabric that resists wear and fading to create just what you need to adventure in comfort.

      Available soft good options:

      • Soft garage wall
      • Slider door Rolef bug screen
      • Rear door Rolef bug screen


      Being off the grid doesn't mean you're out of touch with the things and people that entertain you.

      Available entertainment options

      • Wifi booster
      • Audio upgrades
      • TV


      Our expert team can fabricate products just for your van. From custom roof racks to awnings, side ladders and more, we build components that fit your van and are sure to go with you for the extra mile.

      Available exterior metalwork options:

      • Side utility ladders
      • Rear utility ladder
      • Side surf/SUP rack
      • Safari roof rack
      • Combo roof rack
      • Roof cross bars
      • Rear step bumper
      • Fixed steps
      • Retractable running boards
      • Awning

      Outside Lighting

      Light up your camp on the darkest nights. We offer RIGID Industries LED and Heisse lighting options on our vans, with varying brightness and mounting configurations. You gotta admit -- these vans are lit.

      Available exterior lighting options:

      • 50” LED light bar
      • Rear roof load lights
      • Dual 6” fog lights
      • Side lights
      • Ditch lights

      Gear Handling

      Your varying van-ventures require various gear, so we want to make sure you can handle every piece of it. Safely store all your stuff and get to it easily.

      Available gear handling options:

      • Utility ladder bike accessory
      • Ski/snowboard/surf racks
      • Rear door stuff sacks
      • Rear door Molle panels
      • Cargo Molle panels
      • Bike repair station
      • L-track
      • Bike fork mounts


      You never know when certain equipment might come in handy, so let us ensure everything you need is at hand.

      Available equipment options:

      • On-board air compressor
      • Spare tire mount
      • Moto ramp


      Upgrade your adventure with additional modifications van owners rave about.

      Available modification options:

      • Upgraded wheels
      • Upgraded tires
      • Dually wheels
      • Vinyl wraps
      • Flares
      • Agile rip kit

      Interior Options

      Surprisingly refined.

      • Cedar Plank Ceilings
      • Custom Upholstery
      • Full Surround Sound Audio System With Bluetooth Control
      • 10,000 BTU AC System
      • 12,000 BTU Deisel Heater
      • Outside Shower
      • Overhead Storage and Undermount Lighting
      • Full Size Dinette
      • Tweed Walls (Multiple Color Options)
      • Click Lock Doors
      • 85 Quart Fridge/Freezer
      • 2.5 Gallon Electric Water Heater
      • Waterproof Click Lock Flooring
      • Acacia Countertops and Farm House Sink

      Exterior Options

      Shockingly rugged.

      • 33″ Tires
      • Owl Bike Rack
      • Roof Nest Pop Up Tent
      • Electric Skylight
      • Voyager Offroad Roof Rack
      • 4X4 Upfitting
      • Extra Windows
      • Premium Suspension
      • Large Front Bumper
      • 5′ Light Bar and Porch Lighting
      • Security Camera
      • Back Up Camera

      System Options

      Powerfully built.

      • Victron 3000 Watt Inverter
      • Victron DC/DC Charger
      • Victron MPPT Solar Charger
      • Victron BMS (Battery Monitoring System)
      • Victron Central Control Screen
      • Victron LYNX Distributor

      Contact Us Today for Your Campervan Buildout

      Unlock the door to your travel dreams by reaching out to Adventure Family Van Builds, located in St. George, UT. Our passionate team is dedicated to assisting families in crafting personalized campervans for unforgettable adventures and lasting memories. Connect with us today and embark on the journey of transforming your aspirations into a tangible reality. Whether you envision a cozy retreat or a fully-equipped mobile haven, we’re here to guide you through the exciting process. Get in touch with us now to get started and take the first step toward creating your very own custom campervan oasis!