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Quality, Customizable Adventure Vans

For people who love travel and adventure, there is nothing more exciting than your own custom-built adventure or camper van. You can travel, enjoy the outdoors, camp, explore, and work from your mobile homebase. At Adventure Family Van Builds, we specialize in top-of-the-line, fully customizable adventure van solutions. We will work closely with you to help you design your dream adventure van in St. George, Utah so that you can embark on amazing destinations across the country. Our online van configurator software makes it easy to choose your features, customizations and explore options. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff is always standing by, ready to lend a helping hand and answer questions.

Adventure Vans Vehicle Parked Outdoors Near a Lake with Mountains

Why Invest in an Adventure Van Build?

When investing in an adventure van, you invest in future travel opportunities. If you love the freedom of hitting the open road whenever it calls you; having your fully customized adventure Sprinter van will make it easy to get up and go whenever the mood strikes. Our amazing features and customization options will turn your ordinary van into your home away from home. In fact, it could be your primary home if you plan on spending most of your time on the road. Whether you’re traveling for work, play, or both, we have adventure van solutions to ensure you have the trip of your life. An adventure van will give you the flexibility and freedom to explore unique travel experiences while maintaining many of the comforts of home. Rather than spend money on plane tickets, hotels, rental cars, or rideshares; save money by investing in an adventure or camper van. You will enjoy the comforts and conveniences of a hotel or hostel but with added privacy, increased flexibility, and more freedom.

What Are the Best Adventure Camper Vans?

Luckily, AFV Builds utilizes the ultimate technology and upgrades. The best adventure camper vans enhance your travel experiences, fit within your budget, contain customization options and features that fit your travel lifestyle, enhance your comfort and convenience, and reduce travel stress. What works for one traveler might not work for another. It’s important to consider all your options, explore your choices for customization and add-on features, and figure out which ones are must-haves for you.

Close-Up View of a Shiny, New Adventure Van Parked
Adventure Vans Driving on A Scenic Mountain Road

What Are the Must-Have Features for Adventure Vans?

Outfitting your adventure van with custom features, add-ons, and accessories will guarantee your comfort, safety, and security, whether on or off the road. Whether you’re fixing a meal, working, sleeping, or on your way to your next adventure, your van needs to have certain features to help you have a first-class experience:

  • AWD (All Wheel Drive) or off-roading capabilities.
  • Ample power solutions so that you can remain off-grid.
  • High-powered, durable chassis, tires, and engine.
  • Ample storage space and creative seating and sleeping solutions.
  • Internet and power for remote work, social media, and staying connected (especially in emergencies).
  • Upgraded comfort and safety solutions like solar lighting, emergency lighting, bug screens, locks, external shower ports, cooking and dining options, awnings/porch extensions, and more.
  • Quality interior finishes like waterproof flooring, paneling, curtains, lighting, and more.
  • Modular design that makes it easier to find custom storage and living solutions.

Our Easy, Versatile Adventure Van Customization Options

We want to make it easy for you to choose your van customization options and get a visual, 3D experience online before you make any commitments. Our online van configurator software allows you to choose your van body, customize your outside experience, and customize your inside amenities; all while seeing what it will look like when it’s completed. You can then schedule a 15-minute screen share with one of our experts to see what your van will look like when completed, and our experts can answer any question you have. We carry a wide range of cargo vans in our inventory, ready for your custom build. Our van customization options include:

  • Mercedes-Benz Adventure Sprinter Vans, V4 and V6 engines, AWD and 4WD, with 144 or 170 high roof or 170 extended high roof.
  • Colorado Camper tent pop-tops.
  • Star Link internet configuration.
  • Large AWD tires.
  • Sliding windows.
  • Permanent beds and mattresses.
  • Garage space.
  • Overhead storage.
  • Freezer and fridge combos.
  • Sink and countertops.
  • Galley kitchen.
  • Overhead microwave.
  • Induction cooktop.
  • Cabinetry
  • Seating options and dinette.
  • Bathroom
  • Outdoor shower.
  • Wall and floor finishes.
  • Custom lighting solutions.
  • Water, heating, and cooling solutions, including solar panels.
  • Bug screens.
  • Roof racks and bike racks.

Why Choose Adventure Family Van Builds

At Adventure Family Van Builds, we specialize in purpose-built vehicles with robust, customizable features that enhance your life on the open road. From adventure and camper vans to commercial and rental vans; to RVs, and state-of-the-art equipment and accessories, we are your one-stop shop for embarking on a full-time or part-time adventure lifestyle. Both new and seasoned travelers appreciate how easy it is to work with us on our fully customized adventure van builds. Our online configurator allows you to choose your options and see what they look like, and you can also schedule a one-on-one consultation with one of our experts to go over our adventure van solutions. Our goal is to help you bring your vision of your dream camper van to life and explore and travel on your own terms while enjoying adventures on the open road. Our vans have traveled everywhere around the United States and even into other countries. We offer the latest technology and equipment, advanced customization options, unique finishes, and an amazing end product that will exceed your expectations in every way.

Explore Our Adventure Van Solutions

Our mission is to help you explore the world without compromising on comfort, safety, or style. Call us today or contact us online to begin your journey in building your one-of-a-kind, fully customized adventure van in St. George, UT. Our 4×4 Sprinter vans will help you fulfill your wildest dreams and seek out amazing adventures.