Building Custom  Campervans for families.

Your Van. Your Way. With Your Family

Check out our Van Configuator 

Custom Build Your Family Van


Check our our Van Configuator 

Adventure Family Van Builds is out to change the way you vacation with your family.

Catering to the discriminating adventure-seeking family, we build your adventure van just for you, with packages and options from basic amenities to all the upgrades. Putting your family comfort first, we make sure you understand your choices, and then communicate with you every step of the way. Because this is your freedom, and that’s something we take seriously.

To ensure your build is a premium experience, we start with the best quality vehicles known for longevity and reliability. So you can enjoy more trips and less worry with every mile. Then, we outfit it with essentials like power and water, amped up by your imagination and more modern conveniences than you can shake a stick at. 

So you can get back to nature without going back to the dark ages.

Get Inspired! Choose your Van layout based on past builds.

Bill's Van

Sleep 4 Seat 4, 170 Extended. Sprinter Hammock Pop Outs with Custom Roof Rack, Full Shower, Swivel Bench Seat, Radiant Heated Floors, Undermount Water Tank, 47 Gallon Extended Fuel Tank.

Marcie's Van

Sleep 2 Seat 4, 144 Sprinter, Roof Nest, Fold up seat, Large Garage, 600 Amp hour battery bank, Full Home Audio and Video System.

Keith's Van

Sleep 6 Seat 6, 170 Extended Sprinter, Pop top, King Suspension, Large Dinette, Starlink, 10 Kilowatt battery bank, Undermount Water Tank, 47 Gallon Extended Fuel Tank.

Matt's Van

Sleep 4 Seat 4 170 Extended Sprinter, Full Shower, Swivel Bench Seat, Boiler Water heater, Doggie Door and bed, Large Garage

Andrew's Van

Sleep 6 Seat 6, Hammock Pop Outs with Custom Roof Rack, Full Tent Pop Up, 6 Foot Bunk Beds, Fold up Shower, Fold Up, Raised Dinette.

J Van

Sleep 4 Seat 4, Hammock Pop Outs with Custom Roof Rack, Full Shower, Swivel Bench Seat, Radiant Heated Floors, Undermount Water Tank, 47 Gallon Extended Fuel Tank.

What Makes Adventure Family Van Builds Different

Adventure Family Van Builds offers more than just a standard Sprinter van buildout. This company is inspired by personal challenges and the desire for a vehicle that would allow plenty of space but that could also serve as a home base for traveling with family. When we realized that other families were searching for the same thing, our business was born. We use only the best methods and materials for our pre-builds and custom campervan build-out projects. Families have opportunities to create the van of their dreams with custom interiors and exteriors that meet their unique needs.

Our Work

All our work is warrantied. We stand by our product so you can stay on your adventure!

Build Your Own Campervan With Adventure Family Van Builds

Travel dreams look different for every family. At Adventure Family Van Builds in St. George, UT, we’re here to help families who want to take advantage of what a campervan build can do! AFV Builds is inspired by personal challenges and the desire to build a campervan that would allow plenty of space but that could also serve as a home base for traveling with our own family. It was through our challenges and travels that we realized other families were searching for the same thing. From there, a passionate, adventure-filled business was born.

 We would love to help you build your own campervan and create more memories with your family on the road. Whether you already have a van that needs a buildout or are looking to start from scratch, we are excited to help. Contact us today to chat about building a campervan. We’d love to hear from you!l

Great family van!

We got a van…and love it! We have a toddler and baby and my toddler loves having his own bunk. We are even able to squeeze in a pack n play for my baby! The heater is a game changer as we venture in the winter alot and having a microwave is always a luxury. The owners are super nice and great to work with.



We take our whole family of 6 people for extended nights all the time and we have amazing times. The van has everything we need for sleeping and was easy to stock with food and drinks. We eat using the van for our trips. The fridge holds plenty of food and having the microwave for easy hot snacks in the parking lot after a hike is always super fun. We go to the beach and used the on-demand hot water to rinse off clean right in the parking lot. We run the AC when it was hot, listen to music, charge everyone’s devices and vacation in our tiny van together all the time. Super fun.


Best investment ever!

Being able to just pick up and go is so nice. We have everything in our van. The fridge is stocked, the solar panels keep the batteries topped off, we have starlink internet so i can work anywhere. It doesn’t matter if we are running errands or going on adventures we have everything we need right here all the time. And we can park at trailheads! We love our van!

The owners are so kind and so attentive through the entire process. We totally recommend going with them!


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Financing Available!

We are able to offer Financing on the entire cost of your custom Build. Be sure to ask about this option when you contact us. 

Variety of Services Available

Embarking on the open road in a campervan is a liberating adventure, and the choices made in the design and components significantly impact the overall experience. From the decision to build or buy, customizing campervan kitchens and showers, to selecting quality components for outdoor journeys, each aspect plays a crucial role in creating a personalized and functional home on wheels:

  • Custom Campervan Builds – Custom campervan builds offer a personalized and unique approach to creating a home on wheels. Tailor every aspect of your campervan to suit your lifestyle, from layout and storage solutions to materials and amenities, ensuring a one-of-a-kind adventure vehicle.
  • Build or Buy – The decision to build or buy a campervan depends on individual preferences and skills. Building allows for customization and a hands-on approach while buying offers convenience and quicker access to a ready-to-use campervan.
  • Quality Components for Outdoor Journeys – Investing in quality components for outdoor journeys is essential for a reliable and enjoyable campervan experience. Durable materials, reliable appliances, and well-designed features contribute to the longevity and functionality of the campervan.
  • Campervan Kitchens – Campervan kitchens are the heart of mobile living, providing a compact, functional space. Thoughtful design and the inclusion of efficient appliances and storage solutions are crucial for creating a practical and enjoyable kitchen experience.
  • Campervan Showers – Campervan showers offer the luxury of cleanliness and comfort while on the go. Compact and water-efficient designs enhance the shower experience in campervans, providing a refreshing solution for outdoor enthusiasts.

Our Campervan Build Process

At Adventure Family Van Builds, we are expert van builders. We know and use only the best methods and materials for our pre-builds and custom campervan build-out projects. We serve families that have either already purchased a van and need help making it their own or want us to handle the project from van purchase to build out. Our process looks like this:

  • Step One: Choose a Van – Choose the van that is right for your family and your intended adventures. We specialize in three models of Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans that can serve as the start of this amazing project.
  • Step Two: Customize the Outside – What features do you want or need for the exterior of your van? We recommend a tent pop-up for the roof, 4×4 or all-wheel drive, Star Link internet to keep you connected, bigger tires for different terrains, and sliding windows.
  • Step Three: Customize the Inside – What does your dream campervan look like inside? We recommend more windows to make the van feel bigger, a permanent bed with a comfortable mattress so you can get great sleep, space for storage, additional overhead storage, and a freezer and fridge combo.
  • Step Four: 3D Preview – After you’ve decided what your family wants and needs to build your campervan, we’ll have a 15-minute meeting to work through a 3D rendition. This free consultation will show you exactly what to expect out of your campervan.

Additional Services Available

In addition to building custom campervans, Adventure Family Van Builds also offers these services to adventure-loving families:

    • Discover What’s Available – Exploring our current inventory of campervans offers a convenient and time-efficient way to find a ready-made solution that suits your immediate needs. It allows you to discover the latest models, features, and innovations in the market, providing a quick overview of the diverse options available for those seeking an immediate adventure on wheels.
    • Configure Your Campervan – The ability to configure your campervan provides an exciting opportunity to tailor every detail to your preferences, from the layout and interior design to the choice of amenities. This hands-on approach ensures that your campervan becomes a personalized sanctuary perfectly aligned with your travel style and needs.
    • Campervan Rentals – If you aren’t ready to buy and build a campervan but want to try it out – Adventure Family Van Builds can help! We offer campervan rentals in Utah for families that want to see what it’s really like to own and operate a campervan. This is a great chance to make sure that life on the road truly is the right fit for your family.

Contact Us to Get Started Building a Campervan

If you currently spend your days dreaming about driving a campervan on the open road with your family, the next step is to reach out to Adventure Family Van Builds today. We can answer your questions, address your concerns, and talk through all things campervan. It is our passion to help families just like yours build your campervan and fill their lives with more adventure and memories. Get started today!


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